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An ultra energy efficient home, designed and built for sustainability and conservation. Inspired by the mountains, and critiqued through mid-century modern architecture with a Scandinavian interior. Thoughtfully designed to create live-in, working spaces, that encourage gathering and entertaining in an inviting space. Fjall Sól brings function and form together as one.

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Building Envelope

  • Super-insulated ICF + hybrid construction
  • Extensive use of thermal mass to retain and distribute heat
  • Triple-pane high efficiency windows throughout
  • Under slab EPS insulation
  • R-40 cantilevered floor insulation
  • R-38 walls and R-55+ attic insulation
  • Meticulous vapor barrier specifications


  • Integrated radiant floor heating system
  • Solar hot water system
  • Extremely efficient Energy-Start appliances
  • Dual flush toilets and low flow shower heads
  • Fresh air intake system supplemented by a Heat Recovery Ventilator 85% effective
  • Taped seams on all ductwork
  • Reflective roof alleviates heat island effect and improves solar
  • Advanced combustion wood burning fireplace capable of delivering over 50,000 BTU’s
  • High efficiency convection heaters with individual thermostats
  • Mechanical room positioned to reduce heat loss during transmission

Air Quality

  • Non-toxic paints and finishes throughout
  • All materials, incl. wood and cabinetry, are formaldehyde-free


  • Rescued Douglas Fir beams and stair treads
  • Double tongue and groove Douglas Fir flooring and ceiling
  • All wood sourced within 100 miles


  • Drought-tolerant fescue grasses
  • Use of local quarries for retaining walls
  • Native trees
  • Landscape stones recycled from excavation
  • Opposing outdoor spaces provides a private intimate setting
  • Easy snow maintenance during winter months

Site Design

  • Site responsive design orientated to capture free energy from the sun
  • Roof line eaves and window placements designed to reduce excessive heat gain in summer months while depositing snow in winter away from public access areas
  • Inner city location with proximity to public transit, park spaces, schools and local amenities
  • Open interior spaces with functional living solutions and timeless finishes
  • Private entrances extend living space to the outdoors
  • Plenty of natural daylighting and fresh air
  • Dedicated composting and recycling areas