Affordable Housing


We can achieve affordable housing today. We will work with the municipality and region to gain support from organizations searching for results to solve the current housing crisis. We aim to engage community by creating social spaces and shared amenities where people can connect, collaborate and contribute to the village and Revelstoke area. The vision is also about practicing a balanced lifestyle, including spaces for yoga, meditation, and permaculture practices. Please Take This Survey or Read More…

Revelstoke is a rapidly-changing community, and because of tourism, it can easily become just another overpriced resort destination. People from around the world are choosing to live here, but with lots of jobs and nowhere for people to live affordably, we are ready for change.

Each unit will be designed to suit the needs of the people that choose to live there.
There will be 1 and 2 bedroom units with shared communal amenities. Other units will provide space to suit families and the elderly. The property will allow us to grow food and congregate together in shared social spaces.

An emphasis will be placed on creating private unique rental accommodations all while having the opportunity to connect deeply within the community.

I am Adrian Giacca and I am a landscape designer. I have thrown myself into helping solve this issue with you collaboratively.

During my travels, I’ve met many people who also wondered if they could live a simpler life with fewer things. I began to wonder if I could design a place that would allow people to live simply, connect deeply, and contribute to a vision greater than themselves. With that in mind, I traveled to live in ecovillages and co-living communities, participate in workshops learning natural building, and studying permaculture sustainability practices.

By the end of this journey, I accidentally found myself in Revelstoke, B.C. I absolutely fell love with the culture, the outdoor wonderland, and the strong sense that this is a heritage community and not just another resort.

As much as I wanted to stay, I couldn’t find anywhere to live because there was nowhere to rent.
I want to contribute to the community by creating a place for people like me who aim to reduce their carbon footprint, live within a community, all the while being permanently affordable.

So I asked everyone online and offline, “Is there any interest in a micro home community in Revelstoke BC?”

There is massive desire for this.

With the interest of the community, I met with City of Revelstoke Planners to introduce this micro co-living concept. After meeting with the municipality there has been positive interest and feedback to pursue this forward thinking initiative.

I encourage you to connect with me and share your vision by taking the survey here. This is how we can ensure that development in Revelstoke becomes affordable and sustainable.

Thank you for following along,

Adrian Giacca