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January 2020 Update

To start 2020, in collaboration with Adrian Giacca, Blake Richards is excited to share a tiny home suitable for living big in the mountains. This innovative housing solution will be able to provide deployable housing as laneway and infill development in municipally approved backyards or underutilized vacant lots.

This plug-and-play tiny home is packed with value through it’s quality of construction and thermal performance. With on or off-grid options and the creative freedom to choose interior and exterior finishing packages, this ready to go design can be built to suit your own unique style. If you’re interested in discovering the features and specification of the Nomad Rolling Shelter visit EarthWright Shelter Company.

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Blake Richards


$85,000.00 MSRP

*Taxes Not Included

At the end of 2019, Blake Richards from Earthwright Shelter Company unveiled the Easy Shelter, featured in the December issue of the Revelstoke Mountaineer. These customizeable 107 sqft accessory buildings, designed to meet BC Building Code requirements, can be placed on properties without a building permit and utilized for a wide variety of purposes. This may be a great solution for anyone interested in freeing up a bedroom in the house by relocating office or recreational activities to the backyard.

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January 2019 Update

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In October we launched a survey to the community of Revelstoke to gain a better understanding of affordable housing and the needs of its residents. The purpose of this survey was to capture data regarding the size and features of a micro house and the shared amenities inside of a co-living community. The information collected from over 250 respondents showed an overwhelming interest in micro-housing as an innovative alternative to affordable housing. As well, a desire to live simply, have a smaller carbon footprint, and enjoy the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle engaged in community.

Please share your opinion and interest in this survey.

With your help, we have created a 200 sq ft MicroHome. The survey illustrated the need to have a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen inside one of these tiny units. This ensures privacy while being able to continue to live independent lives. This structure has been designed to create the smallest functional living space for a single occupant or couple. Larger models with two bedrooms for small families are in the concept phase and will be presented soon.

The structure is 8×23’ which can be built off-site in a shop, shipped by a trailer, and installed on any suitable property. By building these structures inside an enclosed facility we are able to reduce labour and travel costs while ensuring quality protecting it from the weather during every stage of construction. Each home will be constructed to meet building code standards and efficient with heating and cooling. These will be move-in ready units when they are shipped.

With your feedback on this concept, we can revise this Revelstoke MicroHome to provide builders with engineered drawings and ensure buyers know exactly what they are receiving.

Please share your opinion and interest in this survey


If you are a landowner interested in developing or selling your property to locate multiple units among a sustainably designed community we can help. With a background in landscape and permaculture design, community development projects and living experience of successful co-living communities we are excited to work with you. Together we can create a beautiful and unique place for people to live in. Do not hesitate to reach out and share your interest, we’d love to explore what’s possible for you on your property.

What’s Next?

On February 9th, we are excited to participate in the Sustainable Living Expo at the Revelstoke Recreation Centre to showcase revised and larger concept designs. During a 15-minute presentation, I will share insight into the tiny house movement, the results of these surveys, and more exciting concept designs.

Do not hesitate to reach out, I’m looking forward to meeting you and please complete our survey.

Adrian Giacca



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October 2018 update

We can achieve affordable housing today.  We aim to engage community by creating social spaces and shared amenities where people can connect, collaborate and contribute to the village. The vision is also about practicing a balanced lifestyle, including spaces for yoga, meditation, and permaculture practices. Please Take This Survey or Read More…

Revelstoke is a rapidly-changing community, and because of tourism, it can easily become just another overpriced resort destination. People from around the world are choosing to live here, but with lots of jobs and nowhere for people to live affordably, we are ready for change.

Each unit will be designed to suit the needs of the people that choose to live there.
There will be 1 and 2 bedroom units with shared communal amenities. Other units will provide space to suit families and the elderly. The property will allow us to grow food and congregate together in shared social spaces.

An emphasis will be placed on creating private unique rental accommodations all while having the opportunity to connect deeply within the community.

I am Adrian Giacca and I am a landscape designer. I have thrown myself into helping solve this issue with you collaboratively.

During my travels, I’ve met many people who also wondered if they could live a simpler life with fewer things. I began to wonder if I could design a place that would allow people to live simply, connect deeply, and contribute to a vision greater than themselves. With that in mind, I traveled to live in ecovillages and co-living communities, participate in workshops learning natural building, and studying permaculture sustainability practices.

By the end of this journey, I accidentally found myself in Revelstoke, B.C. I absolutely fell love with the culture, the outdoor wonderland, and the strong sense that this is a heritage community and not just another resort.

As much as I wanted to stay, I couldn’t find anywhere to live because there was nowhere to rent.
I want to contribute to the community by creating a place for people like me who aim to reduce their carbon footprint, live within a community, all the while being permanently affordable.

So I asked everyone online and offline, “Is there any interest in a micro home community in Revelstoke BC?”

There is massive desire for this.

I encourage you to connect with me and share your vision by taking the survey here. This is how we can ensure that development in Revelstoke becomes affordable and sustainable.

Thank you for following along,

Adrian Giacca